2012 Education Projects

In 2012 Dominic Harlan and Amanda Forbes took all-day singing and performing workshops in 6 local primary schools. The children created original songs, directed dramatic theatre scenes and sang operatic choruses, and shared their work at the end of each day with the rest of the school.

All six schools then came together to perform to each other and to their parents and friends, in a special concert as part of the festival.

The schools were

Willow Brook
St John’s C of E
St John’s Green
Layer de la Haye

Feedback / evaluations

As a teacher I have seen a number of educational drama/ theatre in education groups working with schoolchildren, but Roman River is certainly the best one I’ve seen.

All 25 children were totally involved and loving the activity.

They probably couldn’t be doing anything better, more worthwhile.

The way your animateurs spoke to and related to the children was no less than perfect. The performance in front of other pupils was excellent. Clearly all the performers greatly enjoyed themselves and that phrase “thoroughly involved” springs to mind. I didn’t see one child distracted for a moment throughout the afternoon.

The children must have gained a great sense of satisfaction from taking part in something like that, something that with guidance they had devised themselves. It must have given them confidence. They all know that something really good can be put together in a matter of hours, and performed before an audience. And it must have been good for them to see such superb professionals in action.

We were delighted to have Dominic and Sarah work with us last week. The tremendous work they did all day was truly inspiring.

What a wonderful experience the whole day was, not merely in terms of the musical work, but also for the children and her to work in such an imaginative and collaborative way, achieving amazing things. The day was hugely significant for staff and children. For all concerned it is a real indication of what they can achieve together.

What is impossible to see for people visiting the school is the individual children’s experiences and what a genuine difference days sessions like last week really make.  There were some individuals last week who discovered things about themselves that they might never have known without the experience that you provided. 

This was leagues above anything the school could offer.

I was quite simply blown away by everything my class achieved on Tuesday and that was all down to the excellent provision of Dom and Lea. It was a joy to watch and the whole school loved the performance. Thank you again. I will definitely be asking Roman river to come again in the next academic year.

I didn’t know what to expect from the day, but it was absolutely brilliant. [Dominic and Sarah] worked exceptionally well with the class and formed positive relationships from the start of the session. This was a very positive day for all involved and the children keep asking when Dom and Sarah will be coming back.

The content of the day, although different from anything the class had heard before, was really well pitched and was therefore a success for all. The possible challenge of having a few different children in the afternoon, who have problems with their speech and language, was not at all a problem for Dom and Sarah, and all the children were fully engaged throughout the day.

Dom and Sarah were a pleasure to work with and [they] will not be forgotten by the class for a long time!.”

Several classes have requested a music day of their own in the future. I hope we can book some more dates soon. Thank you again. We are all looking forward to seeing you again.

Just a quick note to say how much the girls and I enjoyed doing the opera workshop – a completely unexpectedly fun way to spend a weekend and very, very rewarding.  I was amazed by how much the girls enjoyed it and how well they did.  I don’t know how Dom and Hazel manage to have so much energy and enthusiasm but it was a delight to be involved. 

Thank you so much for organising it and allowing it to take place. Dom and Hazel were fantastic – can’t say enough; so much energy and so supportive – and inspirational.  I only wish they were local so we could carry on! Long may it last. Many thanks!

Original letters and emails available on request.