For primary school pupils

Primary school pupils on stage at the 2015 festival
Primary school pupils on stage at the 2015 festival

Please contact us if you would like your school to be involved in the 2016/17 projects.

Watch this fun video introduction to classical music from the BBC

Gwyneth Herbert

Following the success of her residency at Colchester Academy in 2015, we are planning to invite Gwyneth Herbert back in 2016. This is a fantastic singing project with an established singer. Please get in touch if you think your school might be eligible.

Primary school pupils rehearsing for their concert as part of Roman RIver 2015Peter & The Wolf

Our biggest project for 2016. Please email for more details.


A participant’s view – Joseph Vince

Joe was born with heart disease and learning difficulties, but he joined us, aged six, for our first workshop in 2000.  He attended these music-making days until he was 11, and it was always a pleasure to have him as part of the group. In the words of his mother: “Joe had always shown an aptitude for music, so we gave him a tiny keyboard when he was three. He loved all the different sounds he could make. 

“We’d heard of Roman River Music and took Joe along. At first he was hesitant but you could see he loved the sounds, atmosphere and the wonderful people who ran it. He loved every minute of it and the more he went the more he grew in confidence. The leaders of the group put an awful lot of energy into entertaining and teaching all the youngsters.

“Our son is now 20 and music is a huge part of his life, not just pop but classical, jazz and period music from the 1920’s onward. I am sure that his time with Roman River Music opened his eyes to music, and to ways of playing music he would not normally have heard. Attending gave him confidence in himself and his ability to play and to love all music.

Groups like this are very special, both to special needs and to mainstream children, and we feel privileged to have been a part of it.”