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Lila Palmer

Lila Palmer librettist & soprano
Vasil Garvanliev tenor
James Whittle cello
Isolde Troost piano

Theo Jamieson composer
Miranda Cromwell director

A chamber opera in the making by librettist Lila Palmer and composer Theo Jamieson

hEARd explores the gulf between what is said and what is meant and the consequences of disconnect in a very human relationship. In a story of humour, grief and tenderness, a couple on the edge. What do they, and we, understand? Is it their final conversation?

A pianist and a tenor, a cellist and a soprano. How can four make two?

Bringing together the brightest emerging talents from the worlds of devised theatre and instrumental performance, Roman River Music and the Mercury invite you to explore a familiar shared experience told through the impassioned collision of words, bodies and melody, with a chance to talk to the cast after the show.

Vasil Garvanliev
Vasil Garvanliev