Fabulous fundraising flute

A very generous donation has resulted in a boost to our education funds A Wivenhoe resident was recently left a valuable Haynes flute and has very generously donated the proceeds from its sale at auction to Roman River Music, with a view to providing instruments that can be used for participants in our learning and participation programme who would not otherwise be able to learn to play.

Gareth Davies, Principal Flute and Chairman of the LSO, and a colleague in the flute world have organised an online charity auction for the flute, with all proceeds to Roman River Music.

Watch the brilliant video they have made.

They’ve done this completely without charge which is really fantastic of them and the flute is guaranteed to raise a minimum of £1,500 towards instruments for our education programme which is just amazing.

The auction ends on 1st August.

Thanks to all concerned – Gareth you are a total star!

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