Feedback from one school about the 2014 insight concert

Feedback on the GCSE Insight concert – East Bergholt High School

“Watching the performances was very engaging. I learnt a lot of new musical techniques and the musicians were extremely talented. The music performances left everyone with chills. It was such a good experience.” Abigail Westley-Lawes

“I enjoyed listening to lots of genres of music” – Ollie Hawkins

“I enjoyed seeing a professional demonstration and getting a chance to explore some classical music” – Tom Davies

“I loved the pianist and the man playing the viola was really good too” – Topaz Ladbrooke

“Interesting pieces, and lots of new words learnt” – Ryan Austin

“The performances were good, and I learnt interesting new words” – Harry Dedhar

“There was a great range of pieces and lots of information” – Toby Osment

“The musicians were very talented and the pianist was amazing”

“Orlando was very passionate about the music”

“The music was extremely good, as the individual musicians were very talented. They were all very passionate about the pieces.”

“The musicians were very talented. I learnt so much about terminology and techniques.”

“I thought the musicians were professional and extremely talented. I learnt more theory.”

“A good, informative experience. I enjoyed learning about the history of the instruments.” – Chris Thomas

“Friday was a good experience for me. I learnt all about the different types of instruments. I learnt about the French horn and the older hunting horn. He explained a lot of words to do with music.” – Robbie Pleasants

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