John Doubleday

Detail from Landscape & Echoes, 2015
Detail from Landscape & Echoes, 2015

We are delighted to welcome Maldon-based John Doubleday as Festival Artist 2015. John has been working on a new series of canvases inspired by the Essex Landscape, Landscape and Echoes which will be shown at the Minories throughout the festival.

The Minories, East Hill, Colchester CO1 1UE


John Doubleday was born in 1947 and studied sculpture at Goldsmiths College. Since his first show at the Waterhouse Gallery in London in 1968 he has enjoyed more than 30 one-man exhibitions in Britain, America and the Continent.

Marina Vaisey wrote in the Sunday Times

John’s work can be divided into two distinct categories: commissioned work and the paintings and sculptures producedforexhibition.Of these,theexhibition pieces are obviously more personal. “His isolated figures have a logic of their own, which we as spectators can readily accept. By making his world he enhances our own. Though the objects are made of .physical elements of the human figure, often distorted, his work also appeals on a sensual plane, and to the irrational quality of our submerged dreams.

His enthusiasm is touching and the fertility of his object-making disarming. The various aspects of the direct and indirect appeal of his work – physical, emotional and intelligent – make what he has accomplished of lasting value. Unafraid to experiment, John illustrates an interest of the figure with the landscape. Sometimes one is able to see ghost-like figures walking through the landscape, suggesting both are inextricably linked.

Orlando Jopling writes:

For those who don’t yet know John, you’ve a treat in store. A genuine polymath, free thinker, one of the most generous persons I’ve met, patron of the arts, enthusiastic and instinctive chef, internationally- famous sculptor, lover of Essex and most importantly, artist.You can hear him in conversation with Firstsite’s new Director Anthony Roberts and see his work at the world premiere of the music his paintings of Essex have inspired – a new string quartet by Gwilym Simcock on Friday 25th September.

World premiere

The festival has commissioned a new string quartet from Gwilym Simcock, inspired by John’s series of paintings titled Landscape and Echoes. Please click on the date below for more details.

7.30pm Friday 25th September, Firstsite

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