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We love discovering new talent, seeking out unknown venues and creating special evenings for you all. But did you know that ticket sales cover barely a fraction of putting on events? We spend much of our time fundraising and couldn’t exist without financial support from grants, local businesses, and generous, like-minded individuals who share our commitment to make the highest quality art available to the greatest number of people across North Essex and South Suffolk.

Our final weekend takes place in the wonderful wool church of St Mary in Stoke by Nayland. Looking out over the Stour Valley, it is one of our most impressive locations and has hosted some of our most ambitious and memorable performances – a full-scale performance of Brahms’ Deutches Requiem, Elena Urioste performing The Lark Ascending accompanied by a bird flittering through the rafters, Gwyneth Herbert leading over 350 people in folksong…

Roman River Festival Orchestra in Stoke by Nayland, 2015
Roman River Festival Orchestra in Stoke by Nayland, 2015

Integral to these events is an orchestra of consummate professionals, many of whom relish the opportunity to perform outside of London in such a beautiful setting, to rehearse and develop away from the rush and noise of the City and to be truly appreciated by warm, responsive festival audiences.

Our unique projects attract players from the top seats in the UK’s superlative international orchestras including the LSO and Philharmonia.

Alongside these established players, our growing rostrum of young performers provides raw energy, fresh perspectives and the inimitable enthusiasm of youth.

We create unique opportunities for emerging players to develop within the ensemble, with a proven track record of enhancing the experience for all involved –

“The chance to work in such depth in order to include the young players, demanding of them the results that we wanted for ourselves because we were also going to be on the platform, meant a new and refreshed intensity to our work. The development in the clarinet player was such a high level that I felt able to invite him into the Britten Sinfonia. An excellent forum for taking young graduates to the next level of professional performance.”

 Joy Farrell (principal clarinet, Britten Sinfonia)

Roman River Finale Orchestra - local young people learning from the pros
Roman River Finale Orchestra – local young people learning from the pros

We would like to involve you, our loyal supporters, in creating these wonderful opportunities within the festival and are now opening a new scheme enabling people to sponsor a specific seat within the orchestra.

Perhaps you would like to sponsor a musician in memory of a loved one, support a player on a more unusual instrument or help one of your favourites return to the platform? This is your opportunity to be part of this very special weekend, get behind the scenes and meet the players who bring the music to life.

Seat sponsorship starts at £250.

Please email Orlando to find out more…