Supporting emerging talent

Roman River gives mentoring, career development, rehearsal and performance opportunities and development time to emerging performers and creatives.

We provide a context in which busy international players can meet, discuss and enjoy performing and take the time for personal reflection. Within an ensemble of players with different levels of experience, recent conservatoire graduates and seasoned professionals alike can look at works afresh, consider alternative interpretations and benefit from the time taken to reflect on the music.

We aim to provide the catalyst for new artistic relationships, open doors for exceptionally talented young musicians, and create the challenging and supportive context to stretch players young and old to create world-class performance together.

By offering a wide range of performance experiences we have fostered new relationships, catalysed some exciting new partnerships and opened doors for young people to take their first official appointment.

This is an exciting and essential strand of our work which we look forward to developing further in the future.

Our work in this area has been supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the Fenton Arts Trust.

The 2017 – 18 programme is being planned at the moment.