Good luck, Ellie!

Ellie Finlay was our 2017 intern, working with our box office and events team to deliver our most ambitious festival to date. She’s now at uni studying events management and we’re delighted to have helped her on her way.

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“As I was off to university to study events management in September I knew I wanted to do something productive and events-based during my summer. When the opportunity to work at the Roman River Music Festival came up, I knew it would be great experience.

After being part of different orchestras from a young age, I had been brought up on classical music, meaning I had a genuine interest in it which made being part of this organisation even more exciting. I had so many different roles and tasks which really showed me the diverse nature of this organisation and the events sector.

I spent a lot of my time in the box office working with Lindsay processing booking orders, dealing with booking enquiries on the phone and updating databases which was great fun and very satisfying when you see the pile of envelopes filled with tickets ready to be posted to concert attendees.

Working with Katie was brilliant as we negotiated and organised which areas to distribute brochures to and who would do what. I was able to attend meetings which were a great insight to all the different elements that are required to make these concerts and events a success.

From venue management, to the publicity, and everything in between it really showed me how much hard work goes into events, especially at Roman River.

Overall I had a fantastic time, learnt so much and feel extremely privileged to have worked with some truly amazing people as part of a brilliant organisation.”
Thank you, Ellie, and good luck!

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