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Our Friends love being part of a real Essex success story.  This is your chance to join them and experience the thrill of supporting an inspiring organisation. Please scroll down for descriptions of the various levels.

Registered charity

Roman River Music is registered charity 1158366. With Gift Aid, your £75 becomes almost £95, your £250 becomes over £300, and your £750 is worth almost £950 to us.

Please take advantage of this amazing extra funding which the government gives us, and send us an email with a completed Gift Aid form.

How much shall I help with?

Primary schools on rehearsing at the 2015 Festival
Primary schools at the Roman River Festival

From £3 per month / £25 per year
Our Friends receive regular newsletters and enjoy priority booking.

From £7 per month / £75 per year
Enable three young people from a deprived area to be involved in our education project, boosting their self-confidence, social skills and academic achievement. Enjoy priority booking for concerts, your name in the programme and regular newsletters.

The whole experience was just brilliant. Stunning, world-class artists who gave their all in a magical location. What is more the audience loved it, I mean really loved it.

International superstar Alina Ibragimova’s quartet will give a schools recital in 2017 as well as their festival concert.

Enjoy making a real difference – from £25 per month / £250 per year

Our Benefactors support us with between £250 and £1,000 per year.

£250 pays for a musician to give a tailored, interactive recital in a local secondary school – an unforgettable experience for young students that can spark a passion for music that lasts a lifetime.

Thanks so much for the recital the other day. It was amazing! Head of Music at Thomas Lord Audley School

Radio 3 are broadcasting four concerts this year, helping raise Essex’s cultural profile and a testament to the quality of our performers

The wonderful people who support us with substantial amounts of £500 – £1,000 per year are proud to be making a real contribution to our world-class festival, putting Essex on the international cultural map.

I would like to thank and congratulate you and all the team for the most wonderful Festival. I am so proud to have been involved, and will sponsor again next year.

For instance, £750 can enable a whole class of young people to compose and perform with an inspiring animateur, boosting their self-confidence and social skills as well as musical talent and academic achievement.

The music workshop was truly inspirational. Without exception the children’s comments demonstrated their enjoyment, with the only complaint being that they would have loved to have a longer session! Head teacher

Benefactors receive a free copy of our beautiful festival programme and an invitation to special events where you can meet performers during the festival. You will be invited to attend education events to see your support in action. We will also look after you at the festival, reserving seats for you and your guests and supplying a free copy of our beautiful souvenir programme, plus invitations to special events, priority booking for Festival concerts, and a listing in the programme.

£1,000 – £5,000 can sponsor an entire concert.  This is the most thrilling way to support the festival, and our wonderful sponsors absolutely love experiencing a concert that they have made possible. Please email us for a list of concerts.

You may gather that this was, for me and my guests, a weekend as near to heaven as it’s possible to get. I sincerely hope that rumours of another weekend mini-festival next year are true. If so, I can hardly wait.

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Here is a downloadable Friends form.  Standing order is the best way of supporting us, as it means we can demonstrate ongoing local support to win national funding.

The King’s Singers, part of the 2017 festival


What an extraordinary standard of musicians brought to our local communities by an extremely hard-working team. Long may it last. A real privilege to enjoy this annual festival which also introduces children in local schools to life-enhancing music.

Remember us in your Will: Give joy and inspiration to a whole new generation

If you have felt inspired or moved by something you’ve been to at the Roman River Festival, please consider remembering us in your will. This is a wonderful way of securing the long-term financial stability of our world-class festival.

As local and central government funding becomes ever more elusive, we rely more and more on the generosity of those who can afford it, to allow their joy to continue to spread among festival-goers, and giving life-changing opportunities to young people.  Click here for more info.

It was the hugest pleasure to be involved with Roman River  At a time when so many events seem to be struggling for audiences, it’s absolutely brilliant to be part of such a positive, thriving festival.
Tom Poster, international concert pianist

Thank you for your essential support, and welcome to the joy of supporting a life-changing, inspiring organisation.


Spread the word

Please help us spread the word. If you can introduce three new people who go on to buy tickets we will be delighted to send you and them free copies of the beautiful 80-page programme.

This year has been the most magnificent achievement for Roman River Music. The eclectic mix of music on offer this year was amazing and gave much pleasure to so many people. I only wished that I could have attended every concert. I look forward with eager anticipation to next year.